Grape Hyacinths Growing Guide 

Grape Hyacinth Landscaping Ideas

Grape hyacinths make nice border plants.

There are so many Grape Hyacinth Varieties

There are so many fragrant varieties of muscari to choose from.

When Do Grape Hyacinths Bloom

Muscari, or grape hyacinth, bloom around the time of daffodils and tulips

How Much Sun Do Grape Hyacinths Need?

Full sun is best, but since grape hyacinths bloom early, they can often be planted in areas that are shady later in the summer but are in light before leaves come in

How Much Water Do Grape Hyacinths Need?

Grape hyacinths do not require a lot of watering.

Container Planting

Muscari can be grown in containers, but the temperature fluctuations of container growing can be problematic.

Ground Planting

Muscari should be planted closely and to a depth of five inches.

How to Fertilize Grape Hyacinths

Grape hyacinths do require some fertilization for best results.