Climbing Rose Varieties and Growing Guide

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Zephirine Drouhin

Interested in hybrid tea roses? One hybrid tea climber to consider is the “American Beauty.”

Highwire Flyer

The Lady of Shalott climbing rose offers a unique apricot to orange bloom color.

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Cecile Brunner

The Cécile Brunner climbing rose combines the interest of size and height with the contrast of small, delicate, subtly-colored blooms.

Souvenir de la Malmaison

Full, lusciously pink blooms are the hallmark of the Gertrude Jekyll climbing rose.

Dublin Bay Rose

For a classic red rose in a climbing variety, look to the Dublin Bay rose.

Danse de Feu

These beautiful roses are excellent climbers.

How to Anchor Climbing Roses

To get the desired effect from your climbing roses, you'll need to know how to train and anchor them.

Roses will not do well in poor soil or wet soil.  The best soil conditions are rich, loose, and well-draining.  The ideal pH is around 5.5-6.5.