Phlox Full Growing Guide (Everything You Need to Know)

What Are Phlox?

“Phlox” is a genus of plants in the Polemoniaceae family. There are 67 different species and plenty of different cultivars from which to choose.

The basics

Phlox are fairly easy to care for, grow in many zones, and are available in many varieties.

Why Grow Phlox

Pretty, perennial, weed-suppressing...these are only a few of the many reasons to grow phlox.

Check out the Emerald Blue 

Emerald Blue creeping phlox is a popular perennial ground covering plant - gorgeous, huh?

Candy Stripe is also stunning

Pretty and whimsical, Candy Stripe phlox is another variety that lends interest to your plantings.

Flame White Eye

The Flame White Eye phlox variety offers more contrast and drama

Little Boy

Little boy is a low-growing variety of phlox that features dark purple flowers with light centers.

When Do Phlox Bloom

Phlox has a long range of blooming time which depends largely on the type and variety.

Container Planting

Phlox can be grown in containers as long as you choose suitable container varieties.