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Floral Pattern

Tall Perennials To Make Your Garden Stand Out

Sweet-Scented Joe Pye Weed

Five- to seven-foot Joe Pye Weed has a lovely vanilla scent adored by pollinators.

Goat's Beard

You'll want to make room for this tall, spreading plant.


Ironweed grows from 3 to 5 feet tall and is another late-blooming plant that can fill an important late-summer/fall pollinator feed gap.

Compass Plant

Nine-foot tall Compass Plant is a great privacy or backdrop plant. If you like sunflowers, you'll enjoy Compass flowers.

Bush Clover

Bush Clover is a friend to bees of all types.

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Ashy Sunflower

Unlike most sunflowers, the Ashy Sunflower is a perennial.


Coneflowers average between 3 and 5 feet tall, but some varieties can grow as tall as 6 or 9 feet.

Hardy Hibiscus

The 4 to 7 foot Hardy Hibiscus can grow in zones as low as zone 5.

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