Square-Foot Gardening: Brilliant Tips

Large Radish

Benefits of square-foot gardening

Good planning is what makes the square foot garden method work.

Fewer weeds

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Weed barriers are often built into the design of square-foot gardens, which will prevent many weeds from creeping in.

Fewer pests

Companion planting is often integrated into square-foot garden designs, and this can keep vegetables pest free all naturally.

How to set up a square-foot garden

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Square foot gardening is basically a series of small raised beds.

Add your soil

Garden soil should be amended before it is used in a raised bed system

Create a gridwork

Defined squares keep your garden looking neat and tidy

Plan your bed

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You can design your own plan, or use one of many published square foot garden designs.

Sow your seeds and seedlings

Once you know how many of different size plants can be planted per square, planning and planting is easy.

You don't need much space

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Even a small space can grow a lot of delicious, fresh food with square foot gardening!