Russian Sage: Brilliant Growing Tips You Should Know

Why Grow Russian Sage?

Given its characteristics and benefits, there are many benefits to growing Russian sage

Russian Sage Landscaping Ideas

Russian sage is more commonly known as a landscape or ornamental plant.

When Do Russian Sages Bloom

Russian sage blooms nearly all season once it starts in the spring.

Soil and Ground Planting

Russian sage prefers full sun and lighter, faster-draining soils.

How to Care for Russian Sage

One of the great benefits of growing Russian sage is that it does not require a lot of care and maintenance.

How to Prune Russian Sage

It is best to cut back spent stems on Russian sage so you can enjoy its bright new growth.

Pests and disease are not usually a major issue for Russian sage, unless it is kept too wet

Russian sage pairs well with a variety of plants and flowers of differing heights