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Floral Pattern

Petunias Growth Tips & Tricks

Are Petunias Annuals or Perennials

Did you know? If your climate is warm, petunias can be grown as perennials. In cool climates, they make lovely annual flowers.

Why Grow Petunias

Petunias are heat- and drought-resistant. These tender perennials make lovely cut flowers.Some people plant petunias to keep away pests.Pollinators may like your petunias

There are Lots of  Petunia Varieties

You'll find no shortage of fabulous petunia varieties to choose from.

When to Plant Petunias

Frost is an enemy to petunias, so plan planting times accordingly.

How Much Water Do Petunias Need

How much watering your petunias need will depend on how you're growing them.

You can plant them in containers

Petunias are a lovely--and popular--container plant

Starting from Seed

Petunias are slow to germinate, but it is possible to start them from seed.

How to Fertilize Petunias

Petunias will benefit from fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer.

When to Cut Back Petunias

A little pruning and deadheading throughout the season will keep your petunias looking full and lush.