How to Increase Houseplants Humidity 


Choose your tray

Pebble trays don't need to be expensive--use what you've got on hand


Add your pebbles

You can save money and use pebbles from outdoors, or you can get creative and use things like sea glass or glass beads in your pebble tray.


Pour your water

Just add water. Voila! You've got a humidifying pebble tray for your plants!


Place your plant

Pebble trays can be both functional and decorative. Win-win!


Research on plants before

Plants like orchids that take water from the air and not just from the ground benefit from humidifying pebble trays.

How it works?

Pebble trays work through a simple process of evaporation. And they're good for more than just houseplants--your indoor herb plants will love them, too!


Increasing indoor humidity is good for plants--and for you, too!

Can you use any rocks for a pebble tray

Pretty much any rock will work in a pebble tray; however, for more color and interest, you can use clay pebbles, glass marbles, small sea shells, or other small, water-resistant found objects.