Tips for Selecting Perennials That Will Thrive


Check your plant hardiness zone

Your plant hardiness zone or growing zone will tell you which perennials can survive your winter cold temperatures.


Make sure it’s really a perennial where you live

Before you buy, do a quick search and make sure the perennial you're considering can be grown as a perennial in your location

Don’t assume you can grow it just because it’s in the store.

Stores aren't always as ethical or knowledgeable about selling plants as they should be, so it's important to do your due diligence.

Know what extra care certain perennials may need in winter

Sometimes perennials need a little extra TLC to survive in certain locations.

Remember temperature isn’t just about cold

Extreme high temperatures can be a potential problem for some perennials, too

Climate Conditions Matter, Too

There are other climate conditions that you may need to consider for your perennials.

Don’t forget about soil conditions

Focus on perennials that will thrive in the type of soil in your yard and gardens

Why Perennials Die

Location, location, location. It dictates the success or failure of perennials.

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