Hellebores Growing Guide: Tips & Tricks

Why Grow Hellebores

Hellebores have an amazingly early bloom time, ranging from late winter to early spring.

There are many different varieties of hellebore, ranging in color from white, to green, to pink.

When Do Hellebores Bloom

Depending on where you live, hellebores may flower throughout the winter.

Ideal Growing Conditions for Hellebores

Hellebores are tolerant of a range of sun and soil conditions. For best results some attention should be paid to soil type and content.

How Much Water Do Hellebores Need

Hellebores don't typically need a lot of additional watering, but there are times when you might need to supplement them.

Container Planting

Hellebores make lovely container plants, too! They are a traditional Christmas gift.

Ground Planting

Hellebore plants are easy to plant and maintain in the ground.

What about fertilizing?

Hellebores do benefit from some light fertilizing.

How to Mulch Hellebores

Mulch is beneficial to hellebores but do give the plant a little space.