Ground Cherries Complete Growing Guide

Ground Cherries

Ground cherries are a tasty yet lesser-known garden plant--but one definitely worth learning more about!

Physalis peruviana

Physalis pruinosa is the most common variety of ground cherry for home gardens, and there are multiple cultivars of it.

Planting Requirements For Ground Cherries

Ground cherry plants grow about three feet tall and three feet wide, taking up significant space.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Like most nightshades, ground cherries are tender annuals that should be started indoors or planted from transplants.

Direct Sow

If you decide to direct-sow ground cherries, be sure your frost-free growing season is long enough. Otherwise, start from transplants.

Plant Care

Moisture control is a key factor in growing ground cherries successfully.

Container Growing

Container growing is an option for ground cherries as well.

Harvesting and Storing Ground Cherries

It's easy to know when ground cherries are ready to harvest--they fall off the plant for you!