Forsythias Growing Guide: Brilliant Tips

Where Do Forsythias Grow

Most (but not all) forsythias are from Asia.

Why Grow Forsythias

Early, bright blossoms after a long, cold winter are one reason to grow forsythia.

Yellow is not the only color of forsythia flowers

How Long Do Forsythias Bloom?

Forsythia doesn't bloom for long, but it is a nice treat when few other flowers are blossoming.

How Much Sun Do Forsythias Need

Forsythia can manage a range of light conditions

Ground Planting

Forsythias will last for a long time, so take some care when choosing their location.

Starting Forsythias from Cuttings

Forsythias can easily be propagated from cuttings

How to Fertilize Forsythias

Forsythias should be fertilized every year.

How to Prune Forsythias

Pruning will keep your forsythia looking trim and lovely.