Chrysanthemums (aka Mums) Must Know Growing Tips

What are Chrysanthemums

You may know chrysanthemums by the common shortened version of their name--"mums".

Chrysanthemums Basics

There are thousands and thousands of varieties of these beautiful, hearty flowers.

Why growing Chrysanthemums 

There are many great reasons to grow mums. They are versatile and hearty enough to be grown all over the world.

When do they bloom

Mums bloom late in the summer or early fall. They bring a bright renewal of color when many other flowers have stopped blooming.

When to Plant Mums

Chrysanthemums can be started indoors or they can be planted directly outside. They can also be planted late in the season for fall blooming.

How much sun they need?

You can get away with the partial sun for mums. But they definitely will be happier if you plant them in full sunlight.

Growing from Seeds

Starting mums from seed is an economical way to grow large quantities of chrysanthemums.

Growing from Cuttings

For strong plants and beautiful blooms, make sure your rooted cuttings have adequate root growth before transplanting them.

How to Fertilize Mums

Mums need adequate food sources to survive their long blooming period