Brilliant Tips on Micro Gardening

Large Radish

What Is Micro Gardening?

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Micro gardening is great if your space is limited, but it is also great for off-season growing

Who Is Micro gardening For?

– People without yards – Urban dwellers – Apartment residents

Thinking Outside the Garden

It doesn't take much space at all to grow nutritious food in a micro garden.

Containers Ideas For Micro Gardening

It is easy to grow a micro garden in recycled and upcycled containers.

A Downside on Micro Gardening

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Micro gardens have higher water needs than conventional gardens.

Soil is crucial

Since most of the crops are grown in containers, soil choice is critical. This is the primary way the vegetables will receive nutrients

Dwarf Varities

New hybrid dwarf varieties of vegetables produce a lot in a small space.

Hanging Baskets

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Many delicious fruits and vegetables can be grown in hanging containers--a productive space-saver