Brilliant Tips on Growing Columbines

What Are Columbines?

“Columbine” is the common name for the genus of plants with the scientific name Aquilegia.

Where Do Columbines Grow

Columbines have an interesting ancestry and history of naturally spreading. Originally, columbines came from Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

They're Great For Landscaping 

Columbines grow in spaces that many other flowering plants cannot, so they can be quite useful in the garden landscape.

They're Come in a Variety of Colors

With so many colors and varieties of columbine, why choose just one? They will beautify any garden.

How Long Do Columbines Bloom?

You should enjoy at least a month of blossoms from your columbines

Ideal Growing Conditions

Columbines are generally shade-loving plants that thrive in partial or dappled shade.

What Type of Soil is Right for Columbines

Rich, moist (but not soggy) soil is ideal for columbines.

How Much Water Do Columbines Need

Moisture control is quite important for maintaining columbines