Manure Tips & Hacks for Garden Use

Chicken Manure

Chicken manure is very good for garden plants, but definitely needs to be aged first to prevent plant burning.


Rabbit Manure

Rabbit manure is highly beneficial, and one of the easiest manures to use in your garden


Horse Manure

Composted horse manure has been a go-to for gardeners for generations


Cow Manure

Cow manure is an abundant source of natural garden fertilizer, but it does require composting beforehand.


Alpaca Manure 

Llama and alpaca manure is also considered a "cold" and easy-to-use garden manure.


Benefits of Using Aged Manure

Manure is what many gardeners call "black gold" for the garden.

Root crops may do a little better in compost than manure.

Most types of manure should be aged before applying to the garden so that they don't burn plants and roots; but there are exceptions for "cold" manures.

Take advantage of manure's all-natural ability to fertilize and improve your garden soil!