Asters: Tips & What You Should Know

About Asters

Asters grow in most locations, gracing the scene with their color and presence late in the season when many other blossoms have passed.


Where Do Asters Grow

The flowers commonly known as asters grow all over the world.

Why Grow Asters?

Asters are easy-care flowers that are loved by bees and pollinators. Since they bloom late in the season, they can be an important late food source for pollinators when food is growing scarce.

Aster Landscaping Ideas

There are many ways to use asters in your gardens and landscape.

Look at this beauty!

The blue Marie Ballard aster grows as high as three feet tall

The Grunder aster variety is another taller variety that grows to over two feet tall.

The Calico aster offers not only a unique appearance, but a very long bloom time of two months!

Asters as a group have a bloom time that ranges from weeks to months.

Asters are a striking flower that works well either in flower beds or container gardens