A Beginning Gardener’s Guide to Ordering Seeds

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Finding seed companies

Most seed companies have online seed ordering right through their website, so you don’t need to use any print catalogs or mess with any paper order forms.

Ordering your catalogs

Even if you place your seed orders online, getting printed seed catalogs can be very helpful and informative--and a lot of fun!

Planning out your garden beds

Garden plans can evolve over time, so try not to sweat the process too much. Enjoy it!

Understanding your growing zone

Growing zones are just one factor in selecting plants and seeds to grow. They are most important for perennial plants.

When to order your seeds

The earlier you place your seed order, the better. Your best choice will be before things start to sell out.

Consider your growing setup

Some seed types can be directly sown outdoors; however, warm weather-loving plants, like tomatoes, should be started inside under grow lights.

Choosing the right seeds for you

Consider growing space and desired plant traits when selecting the right seeds for your garden.