50 Pansy Varieties & Care

Growing Pansies From Seed

Growing from seed is the only way to get really unique varieties.

Pansies are a good snack

Pansies make great snacks for people and bugs alike.

Know What Pansies Need

Some gorgeous trailing varieties look amazing in baskets.

Pansy Light Requirements

Pansies really like the sun so long as it isn't too hot.

Pansy Temperature Requirements

Despite needing pretty specific things, pansies will sometimes grow anywhere.

Soil Requirements

Pansies should be planted in rich loamy soil that drains well and has a low pH.

Water Requirements

Bottom watering is best for pansies in containers.

Fertilizer Requirements

For the most blooms possible make sure you're fertilizing regularly.

Growing Indoors

You can grow pansies indoors...but you might not want to.