5 Plants to Grow for Indoor Cats

If you’re looking to provide your cats with more stimulation and opportunities for play, or you simply want to keep them away from your houseplants, creating an indoor garden for a kitty is always a good idea


Catnip is, of course, an obvious choice to grow for kitty. Everyone knows that cats go wild for catnip, and this stimulating herb can make kitties get crazy!


Cat grass

Seeds labeled as “cat grass” can actually be a number of different cat-safe grains – such as oats, barley, and wheat.


Cat thyme

If your cat doesn’t like catnip, you may want to try cat thyme instead. This plant is actually more closely related to germander than thyme, but most cat owners agree: cats can’t resist it.


Silver vine

More cats react to silver vine than to catnip.

Choosing the right planter

Consider cat-friendly plant containers as well as plants.

Catnip, cat grass, and other cat-approved plants will provide your cats with extra stimulation and enjoyment and some added vitamins and nutrients too.