25 Flowers and Plants to Grow Under Trees 


If there is one hardy, shade-loving plant to grow under trees, it is arguably the hosta.


For a splash of perennial color under your trees, lilies can work well

Wild Ginger

Wild ginger (not the edible variety) actually burns in the sun, so shade is its friend.

Merry Bells aka Bellwort

Moist shady locations are ideal habitats for bellwort plants.

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Shooting Star

Shooting stars grow in a range of colors.


Crocuses thrive under trees because they bloom before trees leaf out.

Periwinkle Plant

Shady trees provide the perfect growing space for the pretty and popular periwinkle.


As plants that love the forest floor, ferns are ideally suited to life under trees.

Wild Violets

Once they're in the ground, violets will take care of themselves.

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