23 Best Perennials For An Edible Landscape

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Not only is asparagus edible, but it is a lovely landscape feature, too! When the harvest is over its ferns make a beautiful backdrop for other plants.


There are few edible perennials that are as productive as well-established grapevines.


Chives are edible, decorative, hardy, and a true friend to pollinators


Not only are strawberries a favorite food, but they're perennials, too! Strawberries also make lovely green groundcovers

Egyptian Onions

Egyptian "walking" onions are fun to grow. They can "walk" up to two feet per year


Lovage is a tasty and functional herb--every part of the plant has a use!


Rhubarb is a historic favorite edible perennial because it is easy to grow and thrives for decades.


Plant perennial horseradish if you want a little spice in your life and your edible landscape garden.


Salsify is a member of the dandelion family so you know it's hardy!