23 Best Evergreen Perennials Categorized By Hardiness Zones

What Is An Evergreen?

Evergreen means just what it sounds like it means-- plants that stay green for a long time, virtually "forever".

Mountain Rock Cress

Mountain Rock Cress is a hardy, low-growing evergreen.

Sea Thrift

Sea thrift is a hardy, low-maintenance plant

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Basket of Gold

Basket of Gold has a mounding, flowing habit that works well in rock gardens and borders.

Mountain Andromeda

The rich green of Mountain Andromeda sets off nicely against a snowy white winter background.

Evergreen Candytuft

Candytuft brings interest to your garden in all seasons


Bergenias are low-maintenance and versatile and are capable of filling many spaces

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel is a favorite for its evergreen foliage, but it is highly valued for its beautiful blossoms as well

Dalmatian Bellflower

Dalmatian Bellflower is a lovely choice for a ground-covering evergreen

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