16 Tips for Growing Amazing Lavender

Grow Seedlings Instead of Seeds

A whole lot easier than starting from seed.

Plant it in a Container

Planting lavender in a container will allow you to have a little bit more control over the environment it’s in

Grow Them Inside

Lavender grows well inside and smells great.

Grow Organic Lavender

I personally use organic seaweed based fertilizers but there are a ton of different organic fertilizers you can use.

Give them lots of sun

Make sure your lavender has a lot of sun. Think back to pictures of lavender farms, what is one thing you never see anywhere nearby? Trees.

Grow Organic Lavender

Lavender likes to drink, but it doesn't like wet feet.

See More Ideas

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Make Sure the Soil Drains Well

While we’re on the topic of soil, you will want to let it dry out a bit in between watering.

Little Fertilizer Needed

You might be starting to notice at this point that lavender is incredibly low maintenance, and well…it is.

Drooping Lavender Woes

You won't see any drooping in this garden! Thankfully when it comes to water your lavender isn’t afraid to tell you what it needs