16 Fertilizing Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Forgetting to Fertilize Seedlings

Start your plants off right and make fertilizing a part of your growing program as soon as your plants have true leaves.

Thinking All Plants Need the Same Nutrients

All plants may need the same basic nutrients, but they don't all need them in the same amounts

Not Fertilizing Enough

The right amount of fertilizer is important--you do not want too much, nor too little. Either extreme can cause problems in the garden

Using The Wrong Type of Fertilizer

Learn what the numbers mean on fertilizer packaging (such as 10-10-10 or 5-10-5). This will make it easy to choose the right fertilizer for the right plant.

Applying Fresh Manure as Fertilizer

Be sure to age and/or compost manure before using it in your garden. Fresh manure will harm plants--it's just too much of a good thing!

Not Learning What Plants Need at Each Stage

Plants have different fertilization requirements at different stages of growth. It's worth taking the time to learn what each needs and when.

Forgetting About Micronutrients

Pay attention to the smaller micronutrient needs of your plants. Many problems of growth and disease can be avoided by applying the right micronutrient fertilizers.

Not Testing Your Soil’s pH Range

Plants need their soils to be within optimal pH ranges in order to access and uptake fertilizers and nutrients. Don't forget to test your soil so you know your soil's pH level!

Adding Fertilizers When You Plant Fruit Trees

Fruit trees and orchards have unique fertilization needs, too, and they depend a lot on the right timing.