16 Best Plants to Grow in a VegTrug

What is a VegTrug?

A VegTrug is a raised bed on legs that lifts plants up off the ground making them more accessible and making gardening something that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.


Carrots are another deep-rooted crop that thrives in the VegTrug. I plant a row of them down the center where they have the full depth to grow.

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Radishes will give you an abundant harvest in a VegTrug. They only take a month to fully grow and it was still a bit too cold for most things I wanted to plant.


Both bush beans and pole beans grow wonderfully in the VegTrug. You will need to give climbing varieties a little bit of support but they will absolutely thrive


Whether you like your peas still in the pod or out of it peas are a fantastic option for your VegTrug. Much like your beans, they are going to need some support


Hot peppers, bell peppers, sweet peppers…they all do amazingly well in the VegTrug.


Beetroots need up to 12 inches of space to grow into the dirt depending on the variety. 


Broccoli is a fantastic vegetable to grow in your VegTrug, assuming your family likes broccoli


Herbs are an amazing option for growing in your VegTrug. In fact, doing so is so popular that the company released a version of their VegTrug that is designed specifically for herbs

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