Zucchini Growing Mistakes New Gardeners Often Make

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Planting the Wrong Zucchini Variety

Grow the right variety of zucchinis for your area and tastes.

Planting Too Late or Too Early

It's important to know what your local gardening season is like so you don't plant too early or too late.

Watering Zucchini Plants Incorrectly

Having a watering schedule for your zucchini might be a great idea.

Not Accounting for Pollination

You don't have to rely on insects to pollinate your zucchini, you can do it by hand!

Not Worrying about Pests and Diseases

Stay on top of pests and problems as they can quickly get out of hand.

Forgetting Zucchini Companion Plants

Companion plants will help zucchini thrive.

Not taking advantage of zucchini leaves

It isn't just the zucchini that is edible!

Harvesting Zucchini Too Late

Don't leave your zucchini too late or you won't want to eat it,

Failing to Preserve Zucchini

Save your zucchini and enjoy homegrown food all year long!