Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

15 Amazing Red Perennials Beyond Roses


Big, bold, and beautiful, red hibiscus blossoms are a top contender for rose replacement (or complement)


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Bleeding Heart

Bleeding hearts are classics in the perennial garden. But did you know there are several color varieties, including red?



Coneflowers or echinacea are perennials that are also known more for their pink and purple varieties, but there are at least five red varieties of coneflower (among other colors).


Red White Dahlia

The elegance of dahlias cannot be understated. There are countless varieties of red dahlia in shades ranging from deep and dark to brilliant and bright.


Cardinal Flowers

Cardinal flowers feature unique blossom shape, height, and interest, making them a prime red alternative in the perennial garden.


Flame Azalea

Red flame azaleas not only deliver a huge flush of red color but do so at a time when few other plants are flowering and that lovely red color is hard to come by.


Columbine, Canadian & Western

Columbines of all colors offer unique flair, but the red especially stand out

Scarlet Sage

A southern native, Scarlet Sage loves to show off its radiant red flowers in great volume


It would be a mistake to pass up the pretty red blossoms of this flower because of its unfortunate name.