Brilliant Ways to Extend the Growing Season in Your Garden

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Start seeds indoors

Seedlings can easily be started indoors even in limited space. This can add weeks to your growing season.

Plant seedlings

Starting seedlings gives you bigger plants to start your garden with and lets you plant warm-climate plants even if your season is too short.

Try out succession planting

Grow more in the same amount of space with succession planting.

Plant cold-season crops

Choose hardy, cold-tolerant plants for a longer growing season and bigger yields.

Take advantage of microclimates

Buildings and warm spaces in your yard may give you longer growing time if they hold heat.

Experiment with floating row covers or grow tunnels

Build a cold frame

Cold frames have many uses for gardening and growing, including extending your season.

Consider building a greenhouse

Greenhouses and high tunnels are excellent season extenders

Use mulch

Mulch does a lot for a garden, including keeping things growing for longer.