Tomato Growth Hacks for a High Yield Harvest

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Prepare the Soil Well

Before you start planting it's important to prepare your soil

Add Calcium to the Soil

Eggshells are fantastic for tomatoes

Plant Them Deep

Tomatoes can do such a cool trick that few other plants can.

Space Your Plants Well

Keep in mind when you plant them that tomato plants will get a lot bigger.

Water Deeply and Consistently

Uneven watering can cause a lot of issues for tomatoes.

Keep the Leaves Dry

Some tomatoes are small enough you can grow them in your window easily.

Mulch Around Your Plants

There are so many positives to mulching that you'd be crazy not to!

Provide Support - Early

Tomatoes are heavy and without support the plants will collapse

Make Sure You Prune Your Plants

This sucker is exactly what you want to remove