12 Flowers Hummingbirds Love

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Bee balms

Bee balms are highly attractive to hummingbirds and they provide important late-season food.

Trumpet honeysuckle

Bright trumpet honeysuckle provides food early and for a long time.

Cardinal flowers

Cardinal flowers are ideal for hummingbird gardens in moist areas.

Trumpet vine

Trumpet vine is a vigorous grower that has plenty of hummingbird-inviting blooms

Bleeding hearts

The classic bleeding heart is a good early-flowering hummingbird food source.

Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush isn't just for butterflies!


Foxgloves have that ideal blossom shape for hummingbirds


Lupines a valuable source of food for hummingbirds when they first arrive in your yard after migration.


Red native columbines are one of the best food sources to plant for hummingbirds.