12 Easy to Maintain Fruit Trees You Can Grow Today

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Pear Trees

Pears are one of the most highly recommended fruit trees for beginners.

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Cherry Trees

Not only is the fruit of cherry trees rewarding, but the fragrant, beautiful spring blossoms are as well.

Lemon Trees

Lemons are low-maintenance, easy keepers.

Plum Trees

Plum trees are mid-level easy care orchard trees that require some scheduled pruning

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Peach Trees

Did you know that peaches and nectarines are the same fruit?

Dragon Fruit

Dragonfruit, a cactus, requires very little care and needs almost no fertilization, but it is a plant for warm climates.

Avocado Trees

For an easy-growing fruit tree for zones 8 through 11, consider growing your own avocados.

Mulberry Trees

Mulberries grow easily in many growing zones but do not ship or store well so they are not normally found in grocery produce sections.

Achacha Fruit Trees

Achacha are a tropical fruit that can only be grown outdoors in very warm climates.