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Lupines Growing Guide: Tips & Tricks

What Are Lupines

Lesser-known fact--this perennial favorite produces an edible bean!

Where Do Lupines Grow

Lupines are native to Europe and the Americas but are considered invasive in some other parts of the world.

Lupine is perfect for. Landscaping

If you love that cottage garden look, you'll love lupine.

There are lots of Lupine varieties

For an even more striking effect, mix and match your lupine colors and varieties.

Starting Lupines from Cuttings

This is an inexpensive option, and a good way to go if you have a favorite that you want more of.

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How Long Do Lupines Bloom

Lupines will bloom for up to four weeks with no attention, and potentially longer with some extra care.

How Much Sun Do Lupines Need

In a pinch lupines will grow in partial shade, but for the best blooms you'll want full sun.

Container Planting

Container growing is not the first thing that comes to mind for lupines, but it can be done!

Starting Lupines from Seed

Starting lupines from seed indoors is a good way to grow many plants affordably.