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Lily of the Valley: Best Tips on Growth & Care

What Are Lilies of the Valley

Lily of the valley is the species with the scientific name Convallaria majalis. The common name can be written with or without dashes.

Why Grow Lilies of the Valley?

Lilies of the valley are treasured for their delicate appearance and their tenacity in growth and survival.

There are so many varieties

There are lilies of the valley cultivars that have different colored flowers and foliage

How Long Do Lilies of the Valley Bloom

Enjoy fragrant lilies of the valley for about a month each spring.

How Much Sun Do Lilies of the Valley Need?

Lilies of the valley like shade, so they make an excellent ground-covering shade plant. One of few that will flower.

How Much Water Do Lilies of the Valley Need?

After establishing, lilies of the valley need only infrequent watering (if any).

Container Planting

Container planting will help control the spread of lilies of the valley.

Starting Lilies of the Valley from Seed

Lilies of the valley can be planted from seed, but it's a slow process. Planting bulbs is much faster.

How to Fertilize Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley require little care or fertilization.