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Innovative Ways to Use Pine Needles 

Using Pine Needles to Acidify Soil

Also, note that pine needles are at their lowest pH (highest level of acidity) when they are fresh and green; so, if you are using pine needles to increase soil acidity, use the freshest, newest fallen, greenest pine needles you can find.

Pine Needles as Yard and Garden Mulch

An amazing long-lasting mulch that is also free if you have your own pine trees

Use Pine Needles to Make Compost

Go ahead and throw some pine needles into your compost!

Pine Needles Make Great Garden Paths

Pine needles make a great path topper...so long as you don't go barefoot. Ouch!

Line Garden Aisles with Pine Needles

Help keep weeds away with pine needles

Protect Overwintering Crops with Pine Straw

Pine needles offer great insulation for overwintering

Pine Needles Are Excellent Erosion Control

You can keep hills from eroding with regular application of pine needles

Pine Needles for No-Till Garden Methods

If you practice no till gardening then consider using pine needles.

Pine Straw for Repelling Problem Animals

He's cute, but he's a menace in the garden and he HATES the smell of pine.