Propagation Tips for Philodendrons

There is a size and shape of philodendron for everyone!

Pay attention when  cutting

Cut an inch below the node with clean, sharp shears, ensuring the node is not damaged. Root your cutting in soil or water following the directions.

If rooting cuttings in water

1. Place the new cutting in a clear-walled container filled with water. Make sure the node or nodes are submerged. submerge any leaves. 2. Ensure the water is not heavily chlorinated.

Philodendrons will also root from a method called air-layering.

With this technique, you are essentially just helping the plant to do what it would typically do in the wild

Recreate philodendron's natural habitat to keep it happy and healthy.

Use clips to support vining philodendrons until their aerial roots start to support them. 

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Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ is a favorite for its unique variegation.