How To Propagate Lavender: Brilliant Tips 

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Why lavender?

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Lavender has many excellent uses, including cooking and baking! Tasty lavender macarons are a special treat.

Did you know

Lavandin cultivars are mostly grown for their oil.

There are so many lavender types

Look at this beautiful Lavendula x intermedia

Or Lavendula stoechas

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Unique flower bracts set L. stoechas apart from other lavenders.

Lavendula dentata

Fringed lavender is not a hardy variety and will need a warm climate to survive the winter.

Ways to Propagate Lavender

The only way to confidently reproduce lavender that is true to the parent's type is to propagate cuttings.

Also works from seed

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Lavender can be grown from seed as well as by cuttings.