How to Make Acorn Flour from Scratch

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Step 1: Gather Acorns

To get started, first, you’ll need to gather up your acorns. Acorns ripen in autumn, usually from late September to October, and naturally fall to the ground.

Step 2: Clean up acorns

Since you gathered your acorns from the ground, they may be a bit dirty. So, once you get your acorns home, you’ll want to clean them up

Step 3: Dry acorns

Pour out your acorns into a colander and allow them to drain.

Step 4: Shelling acorns

You can use whatever you have on hand for shelling your acorns, but a nutcracker, meat tenderizer or hammer work well.

Step 5: Leaching process.

to leach your acorns, place your shelled nuts into a bowl full of cool water.