How to Fix Root Rot on Your Houseplants

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Identify the problem

Since symptoms of root rot mimic other plant diseases and issues, you'll need to look closer to determine the problem.

Unpot your plant.

The first step to curing root rot is to get your plant out of soggy soil as soon as possible.

Clip away damaged roots

You'll need to cut plant roots back until only healthy roots remain.

Prune your plant’s leaves

With the plant's roots reduced, you'll need to prune back leaves to reduce the demand on the root system.

Disinfect your plant’s pot

Be sure to disinfect your plant's pot, too, to get rid of the spores that cause root rot.

Apply hydrogen peroxide

As an added protection, disinfect the roots with hydrogen peroxide.

Repot your plant

When you repot your plant, use only quality potting mix to do so.

Monitor Your Plant

You can take cuttings from a recovering plant just in case the first doesn't make it.