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Baptisia Growing Tips & Hacks

What Are Baptisia Plants?

Baptisia is the name of a genus of herbaceous plants that are part of the legume family.

Why Grow Baptisia Plants

Wild indigo requires almost no care. It grows readily in its natural habitat.

Baptisia Landscaping Idea

Baptisia makes a nice backdrop for cottage gardens and different types of plants and flowers.

False indigo is available in a range of colors.

On average, baptisia will bloom for about a month.

False indigo can be planted in part shade as long as it gets a minimum of 6 hours of light per day.

How Much Water Do Baptisia Plants Need

It's important to keep baptisia watered all the time while it becomes established.

Ground Planting

Planting baptisia is much the same as planting any other perennial flower.

Starting Baptisia from Seed

It's possible to start them from seed, but you need to know some tricks.