Hollyhocks Full Growing Guide 

Hollyhocks Origins

Hollyhocks are native to China but have been enjoyed around the world for centuries now.

Where to Buy Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks can often be found in-season at garden centers, but for more variety, shop online and also consider starting your own from seed

Why Grow Hollyhocks?

Hollyhocks may take a bit more care and attention to grow, but the benefits of growing them are many and they are well worth the effort.

Look at these double blossoms flowers

The double blossoms of the Peaches-n-Dreams hollyhock variety bring even more drama to this already dramatic flower

What Type of Soil is Right for Hollyhocks

Rich, moist soil in full sun and watering a couple of times each week will let your hollyhocks thrive.

The Alcea Nigra variety is a truly unique hollyhock, owing to its unusual dark purple to black blossoms.

The right growing conditions will deliver the best height and blossoming from your hollyhocks.

Hollyhocks can be started from seed. If you want to plant a lot of hollyhocks this is an economical way to go.

Buying hollyhocks to transplant is the easiest way to grow hollyhocks. Just be sure you use an appropriately-sized container for container growing.