Crocuses Full Growing Guide 

Why Grow Crocuses

Crocuses are a piece of cake to grow and care for. They are super low-maintenance, and an excellent perennial choice for beginning gardeners.

There Are Lots of Crocus Varieties

There are many varieties of crocus, including the sativus variety, which produces the spice saffron.

How Long Do Crocuses Bloom?

You can extend the bloom time of crocuses by planting several varieties.

What Type of Soil is Right for Crocuses?

Though crocuses do have their favorites in terms of soil conditions, it is tolerant of a range of conditions.

How Much Water Do Crocuses Need?

For the most part, crocuses require no watering

How to Plant Crocuses

You probably are going to plant your crocuses from corms. It is possible to start them from seed, but this is not a common approach.

Starting Crocuses from Seed

Crocuses can be started from seed, but you will probably not see flowers until year two

How to Mulch Crocuses

Crocuses have much different mulch requirements than what most plants and flowers do.

How to Deadhead Crocuses

It's actually better not to trim or deadhead crocuses, let them naturally complete their growth cycle, and then let them die back.