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Chicken Manure: How to Use It (Tips & Tricks)

What is Chicken Manure?

Chicken manure isn't really just chicken poop - it is also refuse like feathers, eggshells, feed remnants, and bedding materials

Are there downsides to using it?

The one downside to chicken manure is that fresh manure is a very "hot" fertilizer that can burn crops.

How to Fix Hot Fresh Chicken Manure?

Aging or composting chicken manure renders it safe and useful VERY useful in the garden.

Always Add Water to Your Hot Composting Chicken Manure Recipe

Cold Composting Chicken Manure

Cold composting is a hands-off, set-and-forget for a while method of aging chicken manure. Time is the magic ingredient in making this recipe

Composting in Place in the Chicken Coop

Composting-in-place is a bedding and layering method wherein the chicken manure ages in place with the aid of abundant carbon-based bedding materials.

Use Fresh Pine Shavings

Using an abundance of carbon-based bedding in the coop makes composting-in-place a cinch. 

What Composting Does for Chicken Manure

Composting breaks down odor-causing ammonia and reduces the components to a plant-safe level, making it safe to use as a garden fertilizer and amendment.