Brilliant Iris Growing Hacks & Tips

What Are Irises

“Iris” is the name of a genus containing somewhere in the range of 260 to 300 species. The flowers irises produce cannot be easily mistaken for others.


Where Do Irises Grow

Irises are hardy and can be grown in a wide range of climates.

There are so many varieties of irises, it's easy to create color and interest just from this one type of flower.

With so many lovely colors and varieties of iris, why choose just one?

Planting several cultivars of irises will extend the bloom time for this distinctive perennial.

Irises are hardy perennials so they can live for years in the ground.

You can collect seeds from irises to expand your plantings--for free!

A few easy maintenance tips will keep your irises thriving year after year.

You only need to deadhead irises if you want to clean up the bed or if you want to stop them from dropping seed.