Baby's Breath Growing Guide: Tips & Tricks

Baby’s Breath Basics

Baby’s breath can flourish in a wide range of growing zones, so it can do well in many areas.

Why Grow Baby’s Breath

Baby's breath loves a challenge and will grow in less than ideal conditions.

Baby’s Breath is Perfect for Landscaping

Grow baby's breath for a soft, cottage garden effect.

When to Plant Baby’s Breath

Plant baby's breath any time after the danger of frost has passed

How Much Water Do Baby’s Breath Need?

Baby's breath does not have high water requirements.

Container Planting

Baby's breath makes a lovely, delicate container flower, too!

Starting Baby’s Breath from Seed

Baby's breath can be started from seed indoors.

How to Fertilize Baby’s Breath

Baby's breath needs little if any fertilization

How to Prune Baby’s Breath

When baby's breath has stopped flowering for the season, trimming will do it some good.