How to Keep Voles Out of Your Garden

Signs of Voles

Tell-tale tunnels mean it is time to take action against voles in your garden

These two are not very fond of each other

Cats are a naturally and safely control voles in your backyard.

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One of the best ways to keep voles out of your garden is also the most obvious: fencing! Voles are not great climbers, so a low fence will do;

Try container planting

Container planting is one humane way to deal with a big vole problem.

Use bulb baskets and tree guards

Target wanted plants with protective measures.

Plant some alliums

Voles are not fond of alliums like onions and garlic.

Let natural predators do the work

Not everyone loves a snake, but they can be excellent--and helpful--garden predators!

Mix in a bit of gravel

Voles hate digging through gravel so try burying some gravel in with bulbs when you plant them or mix some gravel into your garden soil.