6 Ways to Keep Away Deers from Your Garden

How do I recognize damage from deer

Some key signs will help you tell if it is deer that are causing your garden problems.

Choose deer-resistant plants

One of the best ways to prevent deer from invading your garden is to make your garden undesirable to them from the outset.


Delphinium is one timeless classic that deer avoid at all costs.


Coneflower, or Echinacea, has a lot going for it--bees and butterflies absolutely LOVE it, while deer hate it for its fragrance and spiky seed-bearing centers. It's a must-have!

Red Valerian

Red Valerian is an extremely low-care plant that deer avoid due to its bitter flavor


When dealing with deer, this often means installling fencing. If there’s one thing you need to keep in mind about deer, it’s that they are amazing jumpers.

Other barrier methods

Netting and barriers on individual trees and plants can provide targeted protection.

Other deer deterring options

Regular application of repellent sprays can be effective deer deterrents