35 Most Popular Daisy Varieties Anyone Can Grow

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African Daisy

African daisies are quite easy to grow and come in an array of colors.

Blue-Eyed Beauty

Blue-eyed beauties stand out in a crowd.

Butter Daisy

Butter daisies may be small, but their color is mighty

Cape Marguerite Daisy

Dimorphotheca ecklonis has many different common names

Coneflower Daisy

Coneflowers are grown for a number of reasons.

Crown Daisy

Crown daisies are attractive bloomers, but are favored for their peppery leaves.

Felicia Daisy

The Felicia Daisy offers a unique bright blue color.

Flame African Daisy

Bright and flashy, the Flame Daisy will bloom throughout the season.

Florist's Daisy

The Florist's Daisy is another of the late-blooming fall daisy varieties.