24 Stunning Ornamental Grasses For your Backyard

Black Mondo Grass

Nearly black in color, Black Mondo grass brings an interesting palate to your gardens and plantings.

Feather Reed Grass

As a hybrid plant, the stunning Feather Reed Grass will not spread by seed, making it easy to keep in its place.

Switch Grass

Switch Grass goes by many aliases, but no matter what you call it, it is a versatile ornamental grass that is good for beginning growers.

Japanese Forest Grass

Japanese forest grass is a lower-growing grass that is tolerant of partial shade

Sunset Glow Bamboo

Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree. This Sunset Glow Bamboo variety is just one of many types of bamboo that make a lovely ornamental.

Blue Oat Grass

The almost silvery blue of Blue Oat Grass is a striking backdrop in a park or garden. The colors will often change with the seasons, too.

Adagio Grass

Deer resistant, tolerant of a range of growing conditions, and therefore easy to grow, Adagio Maiden grass is a good ornamental grass for problem places or new growers.

Purple Millet

The pretty purple bottle-brush tops of Purple Millet are as attractive as any garden flower.

Gulf Stream Heavenly Bamboo

The Gulf Stream Heavenly Bamboo plant has a new color for every season.