21 Cute Spring Ephemerals for Early Garden Color

Large Radish


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Bloodroot is one of the easier ephemerals to find

Celandine poppy

This poppy like moisture and shady spots.

Marsh marigold

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Marsh marigolds are a good choice for a wet area or water garden.

Trout lily

Trout lilies bloom best when they are a bit nutrient-deprived


The fuzz on Pasqueflower gives it a unique and ethereal quality.

Virginia bluebells

Virginia bluebells are the tallest of the spring ephemerals and make nice garden centerpieces.


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Trillium is a commitment, but its reward is worth the wait.

Yellow fritillary

Yellow fritillary can be a demanding flower, but is much loved by bees in early spring.


Mayapples have one of the longest bloom times of the spring ephemerals.

Sundial lupine

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Sundial lupines bloom later than many spring ephemerals, making them a good choice for contnuous garden flowers.